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    Vita-Solar Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a biological technology enterprises ,which specializes in technology research and development as innovation and development . The headquarter is located in Xi'an high tech Development Zone. The Company focus on functional products market segments of fats and oils, adhere to the product, process, application and business model innovation to better meet customer requirements in terms of purity, stability, application, and other aspects of the new requirements.
    Vita-Solar Biotechnology Co.,Ltd will continue to be committed to providing quality products and professional reliable solutions for the customers from pharmaceutical industry and functional health products enterprises

    We are certified with the series of ISO, GMP and cGMP, IP, kosher and Halal certification. We have built a perfect quality management system in combining with the advanced quality management concepts and product quality as the core to create high quality in the regulatory process.
    We have established three production bases by means of investing in shares, project cooperation, processing and production etc.Covers extraction, fermentation, synthesis, premixing, preparation and other production lines. We focus on providing customers with the best Product
    We have established Multi-functional R & D center , analytical testing laboratory in high- tech Zone with professional R & D team. At present,more than twenty of the patent documents has been approved and declared. According to the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry, functional health product trend, our R & D team has been researching and developing more products close to the market.
    We have a qualified business team to providecustomers with a professional one-stop sales support and after-sales service,ensure completely, accurate and timely feedback from customers to achieve on-time delivery and quick response.
      Vita-Solar Vision
       The market leader in functional oils and fats health products segment
      Vita-Solar Mission
       To explore the health efficacy and nutritional needs of the oil functional
        products that have not yet been found
      Vita-Solar Belief
       Integrity focus,innovation and beyond


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