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     Plant sterols
     Natural Vitamin
     Top Phospholipids

    Sterols belong to the class of cyclopentane derivatives,which is an important natural active component obtained from extraction, purification and separation of distillate from oil plants such as soybean, pine, corn and rapeseed It is a natural regulator of cholesterol in human body and an intelligent management agent for human hormones.
    ◆ Foods field: can be used as a nutritional supplements regulator to add in foods,health care products to lower the cholesterol and
       prevent cardiovascular disease.
    ◆ Animal nutrition : As a new type of feed additive, it can promote the growth and development of animals, antiviral and cholesterol
    ◆ Medical field: Can be used to reduce cholesterol, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, ulcers etc. products, but also a basic
       materials of steroid hormone drugs
    ◆ Pesticide field: can be used in the synthesis of plant growth hormone, and in new type of anti plant virus source drugs
    Plant sterols products; Monomer sterols products, The functional steorls products; Steols formula products; Sterols derivative products. PLant extract sterols products.

    Plant sterols

    Phytosterol(Soybean) 90%、95%
    Phytosterol (Corn) 90%、95%
    Phytosterol ( Rapeseeds) 90%、95%
    Phytosterol (Pine trees) 99%
    Phytosterol (Rice brain) 90%、95%
    Phytosterol(Sunflower seeds) 90%、95%
    Phytosterol (Cottonseeds) 90%、95%
    Monomer(Single) Phytosterols Specification
    Beta-Sitosterol 60%、70%、80%、90%
    Stigmasterol 90%、95%、99%
    Ergosterol 95%、98%
    Functional  Phytosterols  Products Specification
    Food Grade Phytosterols 95%
    Fermentation Grade Phytosterols 70%85%90%95%
    Phytosterols  CWS 50%、60%90%
    Phytosterols  Micropowder 300-850mesh 50%90%95%
    Phytosterols Granular 60%90%95%
    Formula  Sterols   Products Specification
    Phytosterol EPA
    Avocado soybean unsaponifiables 35%50%
    Derivative Sterols  products Specification
    Soybean Phytosterols ester 97%
    Pine trees Phytosterols ester 97%
    Phytosterols ester Powder CWS 50%67%
    Sitosterenol 30%-70%
    Sitostamol 10%97%

    Plant extract Sterols Products

    Pygeum africanum P. E 2.5%-13.5%β-Sitosterol
    Nettle Extract 0.8%-7%β-Sitosterol
    Stigmata Maydis P.E. 5%β-Sitosterol

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