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     Plant sterols
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     Top Phospholipids

    Phospholipids Series called PS, which is an active substances of cell membrane composition . It especially exists in brain cells, known as "intelligent nutrients" after the choline and DHA .
    ◆ For dietary supplements to improve brain function, Prevent Alzheimer's disease and  improve memory.
    ◆ For functional drinks to ease the pressure of study and work, promote the recovery of brain fatigue and balance of emotions.
    ◆ For infant formula milk, dairy products to improve the brain cell membrane, improve intelligence; focus attention and avoid children with adhd.

    Product Name

    PhosphatidyserineSoybean 20%50%60%
    Phosphatidylserine(Sunflower seeds) 20%50%60%
    Phosphatidylcholine 20%50%80%
    Soybean lecithin 20-90%
    Sunflower seed lecithin 20-90%


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